The Last Wooden Synagogues and The Ghosts of Millions

The Survivor Mitzvah Project’s 2012 Humanitarian Aid expedition continues in Lithuania and Latvia. Zane Buzby and guide Liudmila Petrovna visit 99-year-old Dobke Jonas who is the sole survivor of the massacre of her shtetl, Zesmar. The SMP visits Zesmar and one of the last wooden Synagogues still standing in Eastern Europe. In need of repair,… Continue Reading

Survivor Mitzvah Project / Zane Buzby – Why We Go

“Why We Go” was filmed in Ukraine. It is a look at The Survivor Mitzvah Project in action – bringing direct and continuous financial aid to elderly survivors of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. It shows our humanitarian trip to Ukraine that brought friendship to these last survivors of the Shoah. We let them know… Continue Reading

Alone in Latvia – A Sole Survivor of the Holocaust is helped.

The Survivor Mitzvah Project’s 2012 humanitarian expedition continues in Riga, Latvia. Zane Buzby and guide Liudmila bring aid to an elderly Holocaust survivor, Zelda Zarecka, who is alone and destitute. The SMP has been searching for her for quite some time but letters have gone unanswered. Never giving up, the expedition locates her in a… Continue Reading

Life and Death in the Forest – The Survivor Mitzvah Project

Zane Buzby walks in the Lithuanian Forest with Fania Brancovskaja who escaped from the Vilna ghetto during the Holocaust. She was a member of The Avengers, a teenage Partisan unit. This is the last remaining Partisan camp in Lithuania. It is slowly sinking into the ground and will soon be covered by the underbrush and… Continue Reading

An Angel in Lithuania

Zane Buzby and The Survivor Mitzvah Project team visit Zofia Prokopovich Voronetskaya in her village in Lithuania. During the Holocaust, Zofia’s family rescued 4 Jewish people from the killing squads. They hid them for 3 years under the floorboards of their barn at great risk to the family. Zofia has been honored as one of… Continue Reading