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Video clips featuring the Survivor Mitzvah Project

The Survivor Mitzvah Project In Action – Moldova 2018


The Survivor Mitzvah Project In Action –
Moldova 2018

The Survivor Mitzvah Project travels all across Eastern Europe to bring aid to Holocaust Survivors in need. This video, shot on location in Moldova shows our humanitarian efforts in Moldova and neighboring Transnistria. We also record our visits and the Holocaust experiences of the survivors we help.

This video was shot and edited by Jason Tongen, with additional footage by Wayland Bell.

‘Survivor Mitzvah Project’ featured on EXTRA

See below for the full EXTRA interview of Zane Buzby and how Survivor Mitzvah Project is working together with Mel Gibson to help Holocaust Survivors. March 17, 2017: Zane Buzby has made it her mission to help others and save the lives of the forgotten victims of World War II with the Survivor Mitzvah Project.… Continue Reading