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Alone in Latvia – A Sole Survivor of the Holocaust is Helped


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Olha, a Holocaust Survivor“Emergency Humanitarian Mission to the Ukraine”
Jewish Journal Online
By Jane Ulman

“Surviving History Project – A Journey into the Heart of Jewish Lithuania”
Living Imprint

“Urgent Message from Zane Buzby”

 “Survivors on the Brink”
Orange County Jewish Life

“Hollywood’s Holocaust Angel”
LA Jewish Journal
[Our Survivors Need AssistanceVIEW]

“The Survivor Mitzvah Project: Holocaust Survivors A Forgotten Segment of Society”
American Chronicle

“Do a Mitzvah and Save a Life”
Jewish Independent

“The Age of Apathy”

“The Heart of Creativity”
The Red Room

Rahil Gershevna“Fund Helps Holocaust Survivors in Eastern Europe”
LA Times

“The Survivor Mitzvah Project Remembers Holocaust”
Illinois Chronicle

“Random Acts of Kindness”
Santa Monica Daily Press

“San Diego Middle School Raises Money for Holocaust Survivors”
ABC Nightly News

“Remembering and Helping the Forgotten”
Hadassah Magazine

“Rennovation of the Jewish Cemetery in Vishniv and Other Projects”