Mitzvah Projects



Act now to help an elderly Holocaust Survivor

keep surviving!


Mitzvah Projects will bring food medicine,

heat and shelter to elderly survivors all across

Eastern Europe.

You can do something about the Holocaust!


Below you will find ways to get started on
your Mitzvah Project.
There are materials you can download and use to personalize your special day and to make your project meaningful.

Mitzvah Projects are for everyone: Individuals, families, schools, synagogues, etc! 

Instructions for Mitzvah Kit Files

SMP Flyer
(let your friends and family know more about your mitzvah project)

Bat Mitzvah Invitation Insert for your child
(announcing a Mitzvah Project)

Bar Mitzvah Invitation Insert for your child
(announcing a Mitzvah Project)

Ideas for a Mitzvah Project for your child

SMP Donation Envelope Insert

SMP Donation Envelope

Your Mitzvah Project Posters
(choose a poster you can print to create a display for
a Mitzvah Project, call us at 213-622-5050, toll free at 800-905-6160 or email us here
and we will send you the file for the poster of your choice)

Your Mitzvah Project can save lives.

By bringing help quickly and directly to these survivors, they can live out their last years with some measure of comfort, support and dignity. By choosing The Survivor Mitzvah Project as your Mitzvah Project, you can be part of something historic. This is a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of something that can change the course of history. These are the last Holocaust survivors in Eastern Europe, and we are the last generation who can help them.

Join us. There are thousands of elderly survivors waiting for your help. When you help these individuals through your tzedakah at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you participate in Tikkun Olam and help repair the world.

Together we can write a more hopeful final chapter of the Holocaust, one of friendship, love and kindness.

Watch The Survivor Mitzvah Project in action here.
Any questions?  Call us at 213-622-5050 or toll free at 800-905-6160.

 Be a Part of Something Special!

Parents may choose to share the information on this page with their children or opt to grant parental consent for children 13 years old and under
to contact us directly by emailing us here.

The Survivor Mitzvah Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity.
All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law.

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