Zane Buzby

Zane-BuzbyZANE BUZBY is a successful TV director, producer, and committed humanitarian. Having directed over 200 episodes of network television including such hit comedies as Golden Girls, Newhart, and Married…with Children, she has produced and directed TV series and pilots for CBS, ABC, NBC, HBO, FOX, Columbia Pictures, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Disney, Comedy Central and Paramount Pictures. Ms. Buzby began her professional career as a classically trained actor in New York. Discovered by Carl Reiner, she was cast in Oh God, and shortly thereafter in the cult comedy classic Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke, and hailed by critic Pauline Kael for her performace. Ms. Buzby co-starred opposite Jerry Lewis in Cracking Up, and appeared in Rob Reiner’s hit comedy, This Is Spinal Tap. Prior to her acting career, Ms. Buzby worked at the Beatles’ Apple Films as an assistant film editor working with George Harrison and Bob Dylan on the feature, The Concert for Bangladesh.

Zane Buzby’s life took a dramatic turn during a “roots” trip that she made to Eastern Europe. With help from Professor Dovid Katz in Lithuania, she connected with elderly Holocaust survivors who were ill and alone, living in poverty. Expanding the search for other survivors in dire need, these initial aid efforts served as the catalyst for the creation of “The Survivor Mitzvah Project”. In constant correspondence with the survivors the SMP helps, Ms. Buzby has created The Survivor Mitzvah Project’s Holocaust Educational Archive of life histories and Holocaust testimonies, and is currently making a documentary, FAMILY OF STRANGERS, about the survivors visited on SMP’s humanitarian aid expeditions, and the story of The Survivor Mitzvah Project’s efforts to bring emergency aid to the last survivors of the Shoah.

Ms. Buzby is the 2011 recipient of the KCET LOCAL HERO AWARD for her humanitarian efforts to help elderly Holocaust survivors, and was named HERO AT HOME by KTLA television news in 2012.

“The real triumph for me is the discovery that one can dramatically change a person’s life with a simple act of kindness. We have created a warm and loving family of strangers where before there was only isolation and hopelessness.”