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The Survivor Mitzvah Project’s 2012 humanitarian expedition continues in Riga, Latvia.
Zane Buzby and guide Liudmila bring aid to an elderly Holocaust survivor, Zelda Zarecka, who is alone and destitute. The SMP has been searching for her for quite some time but letters have gone unanswered. Never giving up, the expedition locates her in a cold water flat that is in terrible disrepair. There are holes in the wall and there is no heat. Zelda is alone and lonely. She pours out her heart as she describes being the sole survivor of her family, most if whom were burned alive in the Synagogue at the start of the war.
Zane and Liudmila and the SMP team bring the emergency aid supplied by SMP’s generous donors, and in doing so, bring Zelda comfort, support and dignity.