Oscar Winning Producer of Schindler’s List, is a prominent Croatian film producer.

Branko Lustig, Oscar winning producer of Steven Spielberg’s SCHINDLER’S LIST will be honored by The Mensch Foundation International for his commitment to Holocaust education and commemoration.
Tuesday, January 29th, 2013, at 7 o’clock PM at
Writers Guild Theater
135 S. Doheny Drive
(just south of Wilshire Blvd)
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
The proceeds from this event go towards Holocaust Education and to The Survivor Mitzvah Project – an urgent humanitarian effort dedicated to helping elderly, impoverished and forgotten Holocaust Survivors in Eastern Europe. The SMP, by bringing help quickly and directly to these survivors, helps ensure that they may live out their last years with some measure of comfort, support and dignity.
Branko Lustig, Honoree – Oscar Winning Producer of Schindler’s List, is a prominent Croatian film producer. Most members of his family perished in the death camps throughout Europe. He is being honored for his contributions to Holocaust education and awareness.
Dr. Michael Berenbaum, Holocaust Scholar and Professor at the American Jewish University.
Dr. Judea Pearl, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and President of the Daniel Pearl Foundation.
Dr. Stanley Goldman, Professor of Law and Genocide Studies at Loyola Law School.
Rabbi David Baron, Temple of the Arts, the largest arts and entertainment industry temple in the United States.
Dr. Karin Proidl, Austrian Consul General in Los Angeles.
Dr. Bernd Fischer, German Consul General in Los Angeles
Steven A. Geiger, Founder of the Mensch Foundation International, created to develop an educational curriculum to stamp-out stereotyping and anti-Semitic and racist thinking. The Foundation’s goal is “to develop a tolerant social order of values which respects minority rights and freedom of speech and worship.”
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