The Survivor Mitzvah Project In Action – Moldova 2018


The Survivor Mitzvah Project In Action –
Moldova 2018

The Survivor Mitzvah Project travels all across Eastern Europe to bring aid to Holocaust Survivors in need. This video, shot on location in Moldova shows our humanitarian efforts in Moldova and neighboring Transnistria. We also record our visits and the Holocaust experiences of the survivors we help.

This video was shot and edited by Jason Tongen, with additional footage by Wayland Bell.

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    • Thank you for your comment! We are honored to work every day to support the survivors of the Holocaust. Thank you for watching this video about Founder Zane Buzby’s recent Humanitarian trip, which brought aid to Holocaust Survivors in Moldova and Transnistria.

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    • Thank you for supporting the Last Survivors of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. Your kindness and compassion saves lives!

  1. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. It was nice to see a video of these extraordinary holocaust survivors. To see their faces of how appreciative they are when receiving gifts they so deserve. It warms my heart. Keep sharing and let their story continue to be told.

  2. Zane,this is amazing, what you an your people are doing to bring comfort and solace to those poor souls! The Torah says that the one who is doing good deed to other people, is actually doing good deed for himself. May Hashem bring all the goodness in the world to you, to the people or your organization and to your family.

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