For Immediate Release

Russian Crimean Annexation Puts Stress
on Ukraine’s Holocaust Survivors

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible email. I felt for all of these lovely people who had suffered so much. My father was born in Russia. His father trained horses for the Cossacks. One day, when my father was 12 years old, one of the Cossacks found out it he was Jewish and horsewhipped him. His parents decided it was time to leave Russia. We had, and still have, relatives in French Canada, and they were able to come live with them. Eventually, my parents were able to move to America and, eventually, to move to California. I take great pride in being Jewish. It’s interesting, that there are still so many people who don’t know Jewish people. I wear a Star of David often, and people ask me what it stands for and I am honored to tell them the story of the Star of David. When I was younger, and in confirmation class, I wrote my thesis on the Dead Sea Scrolls. I still have the thesis and look at it quite often. I am very proud to be Jewish. I wear a small ring on my little finger which shows the ‘Hi’ symbol. I never take it off.

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