The survivor bracelet is a limited edition signature piece, created by
Beverly Hills luxury jewelry designer Dominique Cohen in support of the
lifesaving work of 
The Survivor Mitzvah Project.

The Survivor Mitzvah Project is an urgent humanitarian effort providing
emergency aid to
elderly and impoverished Holocaust Survivors in Eastern Europe
who are in critical need of food, medicine, heat and shelter.

Made exclusively for The Survivor Mitzvah Project, the survivor bracelet symbolizes the ideal of harmonious coexistence between all peoples, inspiring the wearer to take part in a continuous dialogue between the lessons of the past and the promise of the future.

The survivor bracelet blends the symbolic language of traditional Eastern European textiles with elegant modern design. The two diamond accents illuminate the triumph of good over evil through the power of compassion.
Each bracelet has been hand finished by the artist, aged and distressed to create a unique look, representing the litany of hardships the survivors have endured.
Each survivor bracelet is engraved with the name of the Holocaust Survivor helped through your generosity. No two bracelets have the same name.
In the spirit of MIA bracelets worn in solidarity with soldiers missing in action during the Vietnam War, the survivor bracelet is worn in solidarity with the Holocaust’s forgotten heroes – the last survivors.