The Survivor Mitzvah Project devotes considerable effort to ensure the safe delivery of funds in Eastern Europe by having a native courier visit survivors in their homes, assess their needs, bring lifesaving dollars and friendship, caring and hope. During the course of one mission, our brave courier, Ludmila, wrote:
“I must thank you that I get this opportunity from you to change the life of these people…to play this role of kind angel.”
When the trip begins I always encourage myself that “everything will go well.” When it comes to an end, I smile inside at myself – how could I have had any doubts about success? On my way back (six hours in a bus) I was thinking of what I will write in a letter to you and came to the conclusion that I must thank you, not from all those who are eagerly waiting for me there, but from myself – for the fact that I get this opportunity from you to change the life of these people, to support them, to play the role of a ‘kind angel.”
When I come to the door I repeat their name [to myself] so as not to mistake it, put the broadest smile on my face, and meet the one who opens the door with the warmest words I can imagine, listen to bits of their news, mostly troubles, diseases, I assure them that everything will be better, that God helps them and always thinks of them. I promise to come back and I smile, smile, smile. Don’t you think that psychologically I get lots of strength and positive energy for myself? After such “trips” I look at the world from a different angle. Actually, I feel much happier. This is what I wanted to thank you for.
General impressions are beyond any possible words. The people I visit don’t have enough words to thank you. Some said that now they have an opportunity to live (the situation with the [lack of] medicine and the numerous problems is almost unbearable). There were tears in their eyes. Some kissed my hands. Of course, I tried to convince them that I have nothing to do with all this, I’m simply a transmitter, but at the same time I am happy to be connected to such a Godly deed….I gave almost everybody your addresses and the names of the families [who sent money] but don’t expect letters from all – some are blind, others immovable, still others don’t understand how to do this, etc. I am sending you great thanks from everybody on the list.