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THE LAST SURVIVORS – ECHOES FROM THE HOLOCAUST is a one-hour television special that takes the viewer on a journey through the lives of elderly Holocaust survivors in remote villages in Eastern Europe, telling their inspiring and compelling stories and the heroic efforts to bring emergency aid to these forgotten heroes.
The award-winning cast, Edward Asner, Elliott Gould, Frances Fisher, Valerie Harper, Lainie Kazan, and Alan Rosenberg, give voice to the survivors’ stories of loss and perseverance in powerful and moving performances.
Fighting as Partisans in the forests, surviving concentration camps and the brutal massacres of their families, and silenced for decades, these survivors are now elderly and alone and thankful to finally have their stories told as their gift to future generations.
This special program illuminates the work of The Survivor Mitzvah Project, founded by comedy director and CNN HERO Zane Buzby, which brings emergency aid to 2000 survivors in eight countries — providing them with food, medicine, heat, shelter and most of all, loving kindness. To the survivors, The Survivor Mitzvah Project is “a light in the darkness” and “a gift from destiny.”

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