My very dear friends, dear people!

Today I received your kind, warm, letter. You are indeed like my family. I wanted to respond to you right away and I don’t know in what language I should write? Should it be in Russian or in Yiddish? Sorry, but I don’t write or completely understand English…
I am very much thankful for your kind, warm feelings towards me. I am so grateful for the money!!! I didn’t earn this money; it is your kind Jewish hearts that made so much for me, eased up conditions of my life… I am very much hopeful and pray to G-d that we meet someday. It will be such a joy.
What can I write to you? I do not know what you are interested in yet. As soon as I have your letters translated I will write to you more… I learned that we are landsmen…. And that means essentially you are the closest people to me.
What can I write about myself for now? I am on my feet. I have lived many years and I engage in community Yiddishe business. [Keeping Yiddishkeit alive]. I keep the memory of my dearest and cruelly killed close family and relatives. The 60-year anniversary of completion of this cruel war, especially for the Jewish people is coming close. On the 9th of May, I of course will go to Vilna where we will celebrate (memorialize) the mark of our terrible tragedy. Of course we in our little town (Svencionys) will also have a ceremony to mark the places of where there are so many graves and places of mass executions. We will bow down to them and pray and daven and remember everybody, from the littlest breast-fed children in their mother’s arms. We will put down the flowers, and we will recall you as in our custom here, we remember also all our close friends, faraway friends and relatives. Nothing is forgotten. Never will we forget our big mass grave where on 8th of October 1941, they executed (shot) 8000 people. The mass grave is 100 meters long. The English Embassy was a very big help to put the graves in a better condition.
I am sending you a photograph and I hope that you will ask me what you are interested in knowing and I will respond. I will respond to all your questions when your letters are translated.
My Dears! It is such a pleasure that you are here, that you exist and that I now know you.
You have a very important place in my life. Just be healthy and prosperous. I embrace you tenderly.
Your new friend, Bluma
PS. Please tell me would it be better for you to read in Russian or Yiddish?
Always your friend,