Hello, my dear friends from faraway America!
Sorry for the long silence. There was nobody to help me write the letter.
My Sveta was ill, couldn’t come to me, but now everything is okay. She
will soon take me back with her to Kiev for winter. I will be together with
her. It will be easier for me, and she won’t worry how I am there alone.
She asked our Hesed to give me somebody to help, but they say they don’t have people and offered to take me to the elderly people’s house. Awful! How can they give such advice to a daughter to get rid of her mother like this? Our elderly people’s houses are very different from similar American ones. Here these houses are worse than jail, the attitude is rude, the food is awful, they might even give you injections to make it worse. But, let’s not speak about the sad things.
I wish we could see each other more often. I read your letters, it’s such a great support for me. I appreciate very much that you do so many kind deeds for the future generations. Our grandchildren, great grandchildren must know the truth about our people’s life, because a lot of facts are distorted, the truth is hidden, and there is nobody to prove, no people any more, no witnesses. And it seems to me that our time now is very cruel, people don’t have compassion, understanding, mercifulness. I would also like to listen to your song ‘Bring Him Home’. Maybe, I will live to that moment.
You ask if I remember our synagogue. There were two in our town. One was very big, bright in the center of the town. I remember well that we went there on big holidays, there were always a lot of flowers and a lot of people. The other one was small, not far from our house where we lived. It was wooden, very cozy. I remember patterns on the walls and windows, we went there more often. During the war both synagogues were destroyed, the Jewish school was burnt, and the attitude from our fellow-citizens also changed, we only heard curses, insulting words; well, not so much changed now.
My dear, I love you so much and hug you, you became my one big family.
G-d bless and protect you all!
Respectfully yours, kisses, yours,