Hello dear Zane, Chic, Conan, Sonia, Beatrice, and all of our friends.
I want to tell you that I received the money. It helped me a lot. I just got out from the hospital and my daughter was also in the hospital. My wife hired someone to help her. She is very sick, and she can’t take care of herself. Our grandson is finishing school and has exams. We are very grateful for your help. I am out of words to tell you how grateful I am. Only my heart can send you warm regards. Thank you for your letter. It is very interesting and kind. We will keep the song in our hearts. May the sun shine in your life, part of the rays you give to people that pray for you and ask G-d to give you health and happiness.
Dear friends, take care of yourselves, you are our hope and life. Without you, we could not live on this earth.
Dear Beatrice, thank you for having such wonderful daughters. You can be proud of them. On our land, there are not many people like you. Dear Beatrice, take care of yourself. Your daughters prolong our life and you for them like a sun in the window.
We wish you health and love you as our mother and older sister. Thank you for being here.
All of you are members of our family.
Best regards to all our American friends. We wish you all health. My letter is filled with love for you.
Best Wishes,
We love you and await your letters.
With respect,
Receipt for $600.