My dear American friend!
Sleima’s son-in-law Iosif is writing to you on his request. Sleima thanks you very much for you kind wishes and the help you regularly send him. This year’s April and May were, to put it mildly, not very pleasant. His well-being worsened considerably: at once both heart and legs, and water started accumulating in his body. He had to go to the hospital immediately. And, thank G-d, they helped him — they managed to remove more than 6 liters of water from his body. Now he is feeling much better. It is objectively, and subjectively — he has more fears now… Forgive me my sad letter.
What concerns reminiscences, Sleima says, he told everything he remembers, but I talked him into remembering his afterwar life in the Jewish orphanage. He promised to remember more and write — but only in the next letter.
We wish you, your families, friends health, a lot of reasons for joy and success in your kind activities.
With respect and best wishes,
Sleima & Iosif