Thank you very much for your letter, greetings, and gift. I am glad to receive letters from you. My sister and her family live in Israel and we sometimes talk together by phone. Therefore I receive letters only from you and am very grateful to you. At my age we lack opportunities to socialize… And your letters bring me joy. May God grant you goodness and well being, may God bless you in your good deeds. May you have the possibility to continue to do what you are doing.
Today is a state holiday-Victory Day, in recognition of the victory in World War II. It is a big holiday, especially for Jews. It is terrifying to think of what might have been, if the Germans had not been stopped. In town on this day are large celebrations. Soon it will be the Jewish holiday of Shavuos. We greet you on the occasion of this holiday and wish you happiness and health. May God grant that we all live to the next year in goodness and well being. That there will be peace in the world and that no one may have to endure what we lived through during the occupation by the Germans.
…Thank you very much for your care and attention. May God grant you the best of everything. Perhaps something interests you, ask, and I will answer with pleasure. Goodbye.
Your Asya
[In Yiddish:] I wish you and your families health and long years, may you be able to give gemilus-chesed. I thank you for all the good things you do for us. I kiss you dear ones. Asya