Esteemed and dear friend…
I beg you to pardon me that I haven’t answered you for so long. Both on your warm greetings as well as the check I received. A wonderful warm, thanks to you. I just now got the translation.
Once again, best, warmest most heartfelt thanks. What shall I write to you? What interest you? I most willingly will answer any of your questions…
Maybe you are interested in the life of a tiny Jewish Shtetl village where there was an authentic Jewish life? Regrettably it is in the past. Today all that is left that remains are cemeteries and places of mass murders which have to be safe-guarded – not only as historical memorials but as a places where Jewish life prospered, in every sense of the word where it blossomed and bloomed!
And today there are only 4 Jews living here and I am the only one from here.
My dear friend whom I’ve never met, I conclude my letter with thanks and best of feelings towards you.
Be healthy and happy with all those who are close to you.
With thanks and friendship
If it easier for you to read Russian, I’ll write to you in Russian.