I received your letter and check. Thank you very much. I am very touched by your attention and goodness. Indeed not everyone would want to help strangers.
I was not able to answer right away because I was in the hospital from June 6th to 26th. Now I am home, but still do not feel well, but at my age this is the way it is.
I am 85 years old, I live alone, my son died December 15, 2004. I went through a lot after his death, an entire chain of unpleasant things and illnesses.
I live in my own house. It was left to me after the war by my late aunt and uncle. The heat is from a wood-burning stove, in the winter it needs firewood. And yet the question is whether I should remain alone in Svencioneliai. I am the only Jewish person in the entire town here. But since I worked in the Russian school for 43 years I have many good friends who help me carry groceries and go to the post office. Those are the main things about myself…
Again I thank you. I embrace and kiss my new friends.
P.S. This is poorly written, I should get new glasses, I see poorly.