Dear, dear friend and your nearest and dearest-
I wish you all peace and a healthy, happy year. I received with joy your dear letter along with the gift, thank you very much. How nicely it was made precisely during the holidays. I’m simply delighted, and I take it as a sign of a joyful, happy year. Let’s hope that God has inscribed us in “sefer hachaim” and that is, in the book of life, that we may live through another year and see each other again, if only in pictures. And maybe, possibly, you may come stay with us? And get to know the birth-land of your dear, unforgettable grandparents z”l and at the same time us personally. A nice fantasy? One can make it happen.
Here in the Jewish community we often have visitors from America, and they ask to be taken to meet me and speak Yiddish (mameloshn) in order to remember and to enjoy the language of their ancestors, the roots of our heritage. And I am most happy to receive these guests and make all sorts of tasty Jewish food for them. More than once I’ve had the fortune to meet and spend an evening together with guests from abroad. Tomorrow (Sunday) is Simchas Torah here, the last day of all the holidays. “Yomim noroim” means in our holy language “days of awe,” and asking God, whatever sin, that God may forgive it.
You’ve really preformed a mitzvah. That is, charity, helping a needy person in a condition like mine, an invalid of very old age. This constitutes one of the most important human acts. And God rewards it with all the best things in life. And I am very thankful to our holy God for granting me to have in my loneliness and need such dear, sweet, very good friends, God willing for many long, healthy, happy years (amen, amen). Stay well, everybody. A warm greeting from my daughter Frida.
From me, your luck-wishing true friend,
Many, many kisses from far away.