Holiday of Shavuot-
An unforgettable day happened today. I traveled to my town of Zezmer where I was born … But how painful it has been, that I have lost everything here. I didn’t recognize the streets, and not one building.
Everything was wiped out; every trace that once was. What remains is only the dark graves, there in the back of the town in a valley. I get a shiver in every body part. It hurts my weak heart. The murderers converted the happy Jewish town into a mass grave. Everything stood before my eyes as if it happened yesterday.
I am the only one who survives today. On me lays the duty to remember everyone. I ran because my heart propelled me. Run Fast. Today I am old and weak, how much longer will I live? I knew all of the inhabitants. It will soon become 65 years since everyone was killed.
I can’t forget even one minute, I only think about the misfortunes. Our murdering neighbors were happy to kill half of all the living Jews like never before. How big is our misfortune, who should mourn, nobody will remain soon. Oh God send a plague to our enemies, not one of them should remain. I feel that I am not in condition to travel there again; my heart is too weak for the experience. I curse the day I was born into such an era of sorrow.
Wish everyone health, there should be peace in our land.
– Your wishful friend