Hello! …
I’m from the Gomel region. I went to live in Pinsk after the war because the Germans burned down our village.
Our family consisted of five persons: my mother, older sister, and I and two younger sisters. My father died in the war. Then, to be able to help my younger sisters, I had to work in a bank, when I should have been in school (studying). My older sister got married that time. So, I went to evening school in the 7th class and completed 10 years of education. Then I entered the Economical Institute in an educational correspondence course. So, that’s the way my youth has passed.
I married late in life and didn’t have children. My husband died last year and I became alone. My mother, older sister and her husband died too. My younger sisters live far away from me, one lives in Russia and other in Ukraine. I’m very lonely, and your care for me is very touching.
Let God give good health to you and all of your family.
With love,