Hello from Byelorussia,
We received letter from you and $10, thank you very much. Esfir Shaevna cannot write on her own, so her neighbor who is taking care of her for the fifth year is writing on behalf of Esfir. Her [other] friend left to live in Israel and Esfir is left alone. I visit her on Saturdays and Sundays and during weekends a person from the Jewish Community comes to her. I have known Esfir for forty years.
Thank you very much for the support, because she needs massage and the person must come to her apartment and it costs more. For those who are able to go to the hospital it does not cost anything, so with your help we can afford these procedures, it is very important after the stroke and she does not have any close people, because most of them were killed during World War II.
… could you please send us your pictures, we are very grateful to you and let God give you health, happiness and peace in your families.
Good bye.
Byelorussia, Pinsk
Esfir B - Pinsk, Belarus April 18 2005