I received your letter. Thank you. I am sitting and crying that total strangers care about me. Thank you so much. You sent me half of my pension.
I have diabetes and I need to go to the hospital for the treatment, but at such an age no one needs you. Also it is very difficult to walk for me.
I do not write and read in English, however my granddaughter can read English because she is studying medicine. She is 22 years old and a very good girl, sometimes she works at night and gets some $30 per month and also she gets a scholarship, another $30, so in total she gets something.
During the war I was 12-13 years old and I did not have parents, so it was very difficult to live like that.
The rabbi sent me a magazine, a very interesting one, about our people who fought and were killed in 1941. In my country no one writes about them…
Maybe you have some good Jewish boy for my granddaughter-she is nice and clever and she knows English well-when her exams are over she will continue learning English, but we need to pay $2 for this.
With love and respect.
Eva Semyonovna