Dear Zane and the whole company,
First, the best wishes on Purim, so the way we got rid of Haman, we will get rid of all the enemies of our people who have suffered so much.
With lots of warmth and with pleasant memories I am still under the impression from our meeting in Vilnius. I hope, that at least a little, I was able to tell you about our sufferings and our lives during the German occupation, and our fight with the enemy. By the way, on February 15th Abba Kovner’s wife, Vitka Keltner Kovner, passed away.
I am corresponding with Faigele from Varniai. She writes to me in Yiddish and I reply. In the latest letters she constantly talks about your meeting, when you visited her. For her it is a ray of light in pretty monotonous life. Your help and meetings with our “youngsters” and with me in my house, it is a big, needed, even necessary job, and the way the saying goes, “a big mitzvah”. Once more the best heartfelt wiishes. Long years to all of you.
Your Fania. Come to visit, write.