We received your letter, for which we thank you very much, that you don’t forget us. You asked about my family, my family is myself and my sister, I didn’t marry because my boyfriend perished at the front and I didn’t want anyone else, so I live with my sister, our mother lived with us, she died at age 90, she was a very good person, so that’s the way things are for us.
We arrived in Pinsk in 1946, before the war we had been invited by the director so we went there and worked in a plywood factory, at first I worked as a regular worker, but later I finished the Forestry Technical Institute and they made me a master and I worked 40 years at this same place and I retired at age 60. When the war started I was 16 years old. Also in Uzbekistan we all worked on a kolkhoz [collective farm]. My father and older sister Esther died in Uzbekistan, and my older brother went into the army in 1940. As soon as the war started we left immediately because the Polish border was very near us… forgive me for writing such a letter, I was in the hospital, the doctor told me that I needed an operation on my eyes, I have glaucoma, in the meantime I don’t see well and I think that by Fall I may be blind –I have been ill for 8 months.
We observed Pesach in the Synagogue, a rabbi came from America, he comes twice a year, at Pesach and at Rosh Hashanah. With this I will close, may God grant you…health.
Greetings from my sister Basya.
Zei gezunt.
Forgive me that this is so poorly written.
I kiss all of you for helping us.