I want to let you know that yesterday, on September 10, Ludmilla came to see me and brought me $300. It is difficult for me to find the words to thank you for this material help, which isn’t simply money, but first of all is the faith that in this world there live people who are not indifferent to the fate of a person, whose life is complex! May G-d bring good health, success in business, and well being to all who take part in this deed of mercy and goodness, and to their dear ones and to all the people close to you!
Of myself I can tell you the following: of course my health is in line with my age and the ailments that have piled up over the course of my life. I am alive only thanks to the good that I have done, for the sake of my own dear ones and relatives, whom I do not wish to hurt.
Again and again I thank you and all those who take part in these good deeds and I pray to G-d on your behalf!
Written from my words, with love,
Greetings for the new Jewish year!