I received your letter, for which I am very grateful to you!
Just as you wrote, after a few days from receiving your letter, Ludmilla came. She brought me (on 2-19) $250.
To write what this material help means to me is very difficult in ordinary words. It is even more difficult to choose words to express my gratitude to you and to all who have taken part in this help! To you and to all who are not indifferent to my fate, it is not simple to express. May G-d spare anyone from being in the position I am in, not seeing the light of day, but only darkness. (NB: She is blind]
But thanks to G-d and to good people, to my dear ones and relatives, I am alive. I have my fair share of attention of course, but my life is not very easy.
I am grateful to you over and over for the help, which for me means faith that there will be a next day.
May G-d give you strength, good fortune, successes in all your undertakings and affairs, and good fortune for your dear ones and relatives!
… my heartfelt greeting with best wishes!
Written from my words.
With deep gratitude and love,