I received your letter and received everything enclosed for which I’m very grateful to you. Let G-d repay your kindness multiple times.
When I began to read your letter, the first thing that drew my attention was your words “Greetings from sunny California.” Your words were very pleasant to me; here we also have a saying “Greetings from sunny Ukraine”. But we never used those words between us. Here in Ukraine the sun never shined on us. All our life we worked hard hoping for a better life. We always tried to save some money for the future, hoping that when we retired, we’d have some savings in the bank to help us survive and have a better life. But the state took all of our savings, not only mine but there were millions such as me.
… I live about 100 meters from our Synagogue. But I visited it seldom before, it is hard to for me to walk, I’m very ill. But now, I’m applying all my strength and visiting the Synagogue every day: at 9.00 on weekdays and at 10.00 on Saturdays. I’m going there with joy, not only because I’ll ask the Almighty for myself, but also for such a kind person as you, for your kindness and your kind heart. I don’t know what I would do without your help. So let G-d will hear my prayer when I’m praying for your health and goodwill. I return home with joy and I’m sure that G-d hears me and carries out my prayers.
By the time you receive my letter it will be the Passover holiday soon or it will have passed already. I wish you and your family and all your close people a joyful Passover. Let G-d help you. I wish you health, happiness and luck in all your endeavors.
Write to me and I’ll try to respond to you.
Your friend,