L’chayim my dear and sweet friends…
I wish you in advance a wonderful Chanukah! Thank you so much for the gift that you sent me for Hanukkah — the letter with the 60 dollars. I wish all of you with all of my heart a wonderful Chanukah full of health, Mazel, success in all of your endeavors. Amen!
It should be that all of us Jews everywhere live and be respected in peace without fear and without threat.
I have no bank account. I barely have any money left to take home from my pension due to expenses. My son Max brought me 8 Chanukah candles from Kiev that will burn for the duration of the holiday.
I send all of you hugs and kisses although I am a great distance from you. However we are all family. We are of one blood.
Be well.
With respect,
A heartfelt hello from my son Max