[at top of letter] P.S. The letter that [you] wrote with $40 was en route for a very long time. Thank you very much.
Greetings dear friends,
My son Max brought me two letters, one with $45 and one with $40. One letter had your photographs. There is no way I can thank you, what you send is priceless. I am no longer alone in my apartment, the letter with your photographs is on the table. I live alone here in my apartment (my son went back to Kiev) and I converse with all of you in Yiddish. Your joyful smiles look at me and it is as if you are talking to me. How wonderful it is! Joyful!
Although we are at a great distance from each other, our mutual love brings us together. I observed all our Jewish holidays. Max brought kosher items to me from Kiev. On Yom Kippur I fasted completely. It wasn’t hard for me since I have done it before. I did this even in my working days, when I was at work. So I have been at home alone in my apartment and have been talking with all my beloved friends, with you. It is a shame, of course, that I don’t receive an answer. But God, who makes everything happen, hears my wishes on your behalf and may he grant to all of you, for your goodness, attention and mitzvahs, a good and sweet New Year.
I wish health, happiness, and creative successes! Move forward with speed on God’s staircase! [Yiddish in Cyrillic: zol Got helfen – may God help].
I kiss and embrace all of you,
Fira (Esther)
A sincere greeting from my Max