Dear Zane Buzby!
Thank you, your family, and friends for such a wonderful gift on Rosh-Hashanah. I also congratulate you on all the Jewish holidays coming in autumn, and I wish you all the best of health, joy, and happiness.
This year’s Rosh-Hashanah brought me some not so good things too. Several days after the celebration I had a heart attack. On October 17, I underwent bypass surgery on three blood vessels. The operation was successful, and I soon will be transferred to a rehabilitation health center located in the woods.
heating expenses eat up a significant part of my pension, but whatever happens… I am used to shortages. My wife (Dana) and Iwife thank you again for your support and help. Wishing you all the best.
Hello, dear Zane, this is Dana. I also want to thank you for all the support you gave to us. I am a Lithuanian, but, thanks to my husband, I became Jewish in my soul and my thoughts long ago. Only a person with such a deep love for his people, as he who spent over 28 years searching and finding lost documents one by one to recreate the lives of so many who perished, and to bring them back into our memory. He is such a wonderful person. He never offended anyone, and he helped so many people. We live together for twenty five years, always understanding and supporting each other. I consider these twenty five years a beautiful gift from the G-d to me.
We often think about you. It is first time in my life that a person I never knew before becomes so dear, so close, that I sometimes want to scream from joy, and to tell everyone about you, Zane, and your friends. The feeling that you are far away but still able to find time to write to us and to support us makes our difficult life a bit brighter. Thank you for being there for us. I think about you often, and I pray for you, and wish you a long, bright, and happy life. I hope my husband will overcome his disease, and, as in old fairytales, we will live happily ever after.
Thank you for everything.
With love and kisses,
Your Dana.