Hello our dearest and beloved Zane, Chic, Donna, Sonia, Beatrice, Conan and Debbie!
We survived this winter with its frosty weather and snowfalls and now finally the spring is here. The month of May is very hot. We were trying to hurry up and plant the potatoes in our garden before the earth became too dry. We bought the seeds and the potatoes and planted everything! Sveta, Tanya and I worked extremely hard. It was difficult, but bit by bit we handled the garden. We can already see the sprouts. Now we need to fight the weeds.
This year is very difficult. We wish we were healthier. God bless you all, and thanks to you we were able to build an indoor toilet! It is extremely important!! To be able not to have to go outside in the middle of the night and not to trip and fall!! I fell so many times (as well as Sveta) because during the winter it was so slippery and icy, simply catastrophic . It was very inconvenient.
Sveta has some health issues and I am not well at all. That’s how we live. Write to me. How is everybody? How is your mother? Write about everything. We want to know. We are waiting for your letter. Kisses to all of you!
Galya, Sveta and Tanya.