Hello, our dear friends!
Thank you for your great help. I simply don’t believe still that there are
as kind-hearted people as you are, who so gratuitously help us survive in
this difficult world. Thanks to you I may live and support my family, my
wife has had another stroke this year; she was so glad to get your letter
that even rose a bit in her bed. I was extremely happy to see that
improvement of her health. She got worried too much because our younger
daughter had gotten ill, she is now disabled and this sharply weakened her;
we have a grandson who must study. Though we try to calm her down, it hardly
helps. And you created a miracle she almost sat straight in her bed and
smiled first time in a year. Thank you for everything, for our life, for
this world, life will go on until there are people like you. People will
Dear friends, I am so grateful to you that I don’t have strength to describe
everything. I am myself ill, but try to hold on helping my family and my
daughter, this is what I live for. I am very thankful, I bow deeply to you,
our dear friends: Chic, Sonia, Beatrice, Donna, Conan, Debby, Liz, Jessica,
Rebecca and of course, dear Zane.
We are glad that there are people like you; Liz, thank you for helping our
communication; to know languages is great happiness, we are deprived of
this; our life was difficult in my youth, but our old years don’t feel sorry
for us, either.
Remember us, and we will ask G-d for your health.
I am boundlessly thankful to you, my dear beloved
Good bye, our dear friends. Great regards from my family. Take care.