My Dear friends,
I am Itzke Gavenda from Kovna (Kaunas). Thank you so much! Your help makes an enormous difference to my life… From this whole region of little Jewish villages, not far from Svintsyan, … I am today, alas the only survivor. I turn 84 on July 14th, so who knows for how long.
I wish you and your families health and happiness and good days. I would love to hear from you again soon. Thank you for everything!
Itske Gavenda
KAUNAS, LITHUANIA, November 2, 2004
I received your letter and the two checks for $25 and $50. Big thank you for that. With your help I can now have money to buy medicine which I need.
Your help to me is like manna which G-d sent to all the Jews in Sinai. You have good Jewish hearts for old, ill Jewish people. Your letter raised my morale and I am now optimistic in my feelings.
I am already old and have a bouquet of different health problems. In Kaunas we have a very small Jewish community with a very small number of men. I am the oldest man in our community. I am not in good health because of our Northern European Baltic climate. People here have a shorter term of life than in Western Europe. I haven’t written in Russian for a long time and my handwriting is shaky like an old man’s. Excuse me for my mistakes and not good writing.
I wish you good health, happiness, mazel …
It is difficult to write because I am old. When my health is better I will write to you about my biography more completely. I want to thank you one more time and send you all my best wishes to you and your relatives. Peace to your country, the Jewish people and Eretz Israel.
NB: Itzke [Josif] Gavenda passed away on January 23, 2005 at the age of 86