Greetings my dear friends,
I have received your letter and gift, for which I am grateful with my entire soul and I thank you for your concern and attention, and I am also grateful for praying for me when you were in Israel, may God give you good health, which for a person is most important of all…
I read your letter with great pleasure-very interesting-I can tell from the photograph that you are very good people but nowadays there are very few of such people who desire good in our time — no one is interested in anyone else, each person lives for himself, they don’t like the Jews, I don’t know why so many of ours perished, it is painful to recall.
During the war I was in a children’s home and in general I tasted much sorrow-this wound will never be healed in our hurting heart. I sincerely am grateful for your concern and may God give you health for long years be happy.
Respectfully Lilya Isakovna
I greet you on the occasion of the coming new year.