On July 13th I received your letter and I found check for $50. I am very grateful for that.
Unfortunately, I do not have any pre-war pictures. You mentioned that you are interested in how we live right now…
Although we are not rich, we have money for some food and other essential stuff. But that is only one bright side of the coin. We have to face the hatred of young teens because we are Jewish. We live on the first floor of a five-storey building. On June 7th the door of our apartment was broken into [by vandals]. So we were forced to buy a new armored door, which cost 1400 litas ($500) and we did this on credit so we will have to pay back this money during the year.
But the worst comes in winter-not only do eggs fly into our windows [thrown by vandals], but also the snow, all the day long, and it happens almost on daily basis almost every year. We wait for the winter with horror.
And that is not all-even while walking on the street someone might insult you to your face saying [derogatorily] that you are Jewish, and it happens often.
So that is our “quiet” life here.
With respect,