Hello… I’m pleased to inform you that I received your letter intact – both coupon and gelt were there. Thank you very much! It was a pleasant surprise for me.
I wanted to thank you and your friends who are helping Jews. I prey to God to keep you healthy and happy.
I want to share few things about our town with you. A long time ago, before the war, it was predominantly Jewish. A lot of Jews perished in ghetto and in the concentration camps during the war and German invasion. There were around 7000 of us after the war. Now everybody is gone. Left for Israel, America, Germany. There are around 300 left. But we are trying to keep up the Jewish tradition. We rebuilt the Synagogue. Every day a Minyan gathers and we pray. And Friday nights we have “farbrengen”.
There are 79 Jews, Holocaust survivors in our town. We created a Union, we have a place where we meet. We started a museum dedicated to Holocausts victims…
Thank you very much for the gift. Nothing was stolen, I received it all. Stay healthy. Thank you once again for the letter and the gelt. I’m sending my best wishes to you and your loved ones. I’m wishing you to be happy, healthy and prosperous.