Greetings my dear ones! All my American friends,
I don’t know how say how much gratitude I owe you. When Ludmilla came with her gift, from joy I wasn’t able to find words. [NB: Ludmilla is a Survivor Mitzvah Project courier]. I was in seventh heaven and am very grateful that there is such a good person [as Ludmilla], who comes to see me…My beloved, I am grateful to you all, thank you very, very much, this is for me a great help. My dear good people, I wish for you all to be healthy and to know no sorrows, for all your relatives to be healthy and happy and for all wishes to be fulfilled! My very good, very beautiful and understanding one, I already wrote to you that your photo is under glass on the buffet, I pray and pray for it. It is like God for me. And sometimes I kiss it! Thank you very much, you are all dear to me as well as are all my American friends. May God protect you all. I kiss you all and love you.

Write.., I am waiting.

One heart for all. Goodbye. [everybody’s name is inside a heart]


Mina Zalmanova - Pinsk, Belarus October 19, 2006