Hi my friends,
I received your letter. Thank you. I received from you $71. Please know, this is very helpful for us. This is my life story:
When the World War started my father went into the Army. On July 3, we went to a small town named Kalincovsche, and my father went back to the Army. After this small town we went to the next small town, Baosmach (Ukraine). At this time many airplanes were bombarding the small towns. People were so scared. So many people died at this time. My Mom took me and my brother and we ran away into the forest. We lived in this forest for three days without any food or drink and my brother and I became very ill. After three days, some people found us and took us home with them and gave us food and medicine, and then we found another place to live.
In 1942 we came to a small town named Akbylak, close to Orienberg. We lived in this place for two more years. At this time I went to school. But we had no paper to write on so we wrote in books, in the blank spaces between the printed lines. I had only one big velvet jacket which was much too big for me.
In the summer of 1944, we came back to our town (I wrote you this in a previous letter), Ozarigoch. We could not find our home because our house was burned to the ground, so we went to another place. In this same year my Dad came back to us.
In Ozarigoch we lived until December 1946. After that, my Dad moved to Grodno and he found an apartment and a job and we went there to live with him. My mother’s brother and his family lived in Grodno.
We don’t have any photos from this time because everything was burned.
Write to tell me who writes the letters for you and who translates the letters.
I wish everything good for you.
Nina and Anna