Thank you so much for the birthday greetings. A friend of Ninel Alexandrovna is writing to you. She lives alone and there are no relatives left. Ninel used to live with her mother-she was a doctor and Ninel Alexandrovna is math teacher. Three years ago she had stroke and her right side is paralyzed. Basically all the time Ninel is in the bed and sometimes she can sit for a while. A neighbor is taking care of her.
Ninel Alexandrovna does not speak or understand English and she is very grateful to you for the friendly relationship. Thank you for the picture-you look so young and likable. One again, thank you for the attention.
With true respect and love,
Ninel Alexandrovna
July 13th, 2005
Big thank you for the letter and the money! I am very grateful for that. I am Anna Sergeevna former neighbor of Ninel. For 25 years we lived on the same floor and now I live in another place, but in the same neighborhood. If I can, I come visit her often.
Now I will write you what I know about Ninel Alexandrovna from her words.
In 1931 before the war, she and her mother were living in Osipovichi, not far from Minsk. When the war started, they were separated. Ninel Alexandrovna was taken to the orphanage in Russia while her mother, Vera Lazarovna (who was divorced from her husband), was mobilized to the front because she was a doctor. Somewhere in the middle of the war she found her daughter. After the war she was sent to Grodno-and that’s where they have always lived.
Ninel Alexandrovna graduated university and later she worked as a math teacher in the school. Vera Lazarovna died in 1998 and Ninel Alexandrovna was alone. There was no family. There are no pre-war pictures because she was still a child. There are no pictures left from the recent years. That is in brief about the life of Ninel Alexandrovna.
We wish you all the best. I wish you, your family and your relatives all the best.
With respect,
Ninel Alexandrovna and Anna Seergevna
NOTE: Ninel Aleksandrovna Kozlovskaya, passed away in April 2006