Good day to every one who takes part in our correspondence!
This is me, Rita, answering to your message with delay. But I am sure that you don’t feel angry with me. It’s so nice to receive letters, but very difficult to answer because of my poor eyesight. I don’t want to ask anybody, and postpone it from day to day. Nevertheless, as there is no more time to drag it, I sat down to answer to your kindness…
I have reread your letter many times. Very glad for you that you had a good vacation, for us it’s simply a fairy-tale. Thank G-d your mother feels better, there is nothing dearer than mother in life. I am myself old, but I will lack my mother till the very death.
This year so many bad things have happened all over the world that I want to become older and jump over the barrier of misfortunes, there is debauchery everywhere, everyone is armed, no respect, race hatred. During the war my family, that is my parents, were evacuated to Siberia. According to my mum, those people, and it was Kurganskaya region, received us, they didn’t know who those Jews were, they thought those were people with antlers; we
lived in peace, and now you won’t hear anything except ‘zhyd’. It is a province here, people left the villages for the cities. It’s becoming dark early and we lock the doors, there are only hooligans everywhere.
My dear, how time flies! I can’t catch it. It looks as if you only now were here, though a year has passed as one moment. Chanukah passed, New 2011 Year is approaching. Let all good events increase many times, and let all the misfortunes stay behind. I wish you health, success in your creative work, well-being to all mishpukha, may you rejoice and enjoy life; never become old; may G-d evaluate your advantages, meet your needs, and then you will be
able to please us.
I wish you mum had health according to her age, didn’t lose her positions, her age is not the old age. My grandparents lived long lives, they had five children, two sons and daughter whom died. She lived till 95, and grandfather till 93. Before their deaths they said that they hadn’t lived yet and that one and a hundred one are the same. Let’s hope for
long and good life.
I wish you joy.
My love to those who know me. Good bye.
Kisses, yours,
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