Hello my dear friends!
Much time has passed since your stay here, but it seems like it was yesterday. It was a surprise visit, and it left plenty of memories. You remember, of course, when we went to see the poor family?
Dear, I received your letter, the reply is a bit late, I am taking into account that now it is summer time, each person is busy with their own business.
Dear Zane, you are interested in the unfortunate family, I quickly gave them $50 at once, then this much again, and then the remaining money I spent on a gravestone. So that was all used for a purpose, with necessity. A month ago the grandson of the old was discharged from hospital (mental illness). There is no home help, nothing to cook on. He wanted to eat, and attack after attack started, and through some connections I sent him to hospital again, there, though he doesn’t eat much, well, it’s better than nothing at home. This year we are having a rainy summer, they live at the end of town, all the water runs near the houses, and they have floods, and each time people help to stop the water. But they get used to this and don’t go to seek shelter.
A little about myself. In summer, we started stocking up at home for some preserves and compotes with cherries and currants, and then stocking up on potatoes, but that is later, towards autumn. My health isn’t good, may it not get worse. On the 26th June my daughter came for a meeting with school leaders, already 25 years have passed since she was at school, and 25 years since the days of their lives together, she is already a grandmother, they have a grandson who is 1 and a half. We saw each other, I was very happy with the meeting, only there was little time. She really wanted to visit the “Tzadik” at Veledniki, we went, and fulfilled her request, we asked for you and your family, let him help all who need it. I wish the best health and well being to all your relatives.
Yours sincerely, Rita.