Greetings to all of my dear and wonderful friends!
I received your letter along with the support and warm holiday greetings.
I truly thank you that you do not forget me and that you take care of me. If only you knew how important this care and support is to me — that this is important for a lone person of such an age. I am getting by on only on a few medications that as you know are very expensive. Naturally my health is getting worse; I can no longer go out onto the street. However I am comfortable at home. The air is nice. The street is small, and there are few cars. I often open the window to get some air. I always thank G-d for having given me these conditions.
I always try at every opportunity to give good. I am very happy that I have such extraordinary friends. I believe in G-d. He protects me, as do your prayers …
I thank you eternally for your help and wish you and your families strong health and that you are surrounded by loved ones.
I send you hugs and kisses, your unforgotten friend,