Hello, my dear friends!
I received your fragrant letter. Thank you very much that you haven’t forgotten me and for your moral and financial support.
You are so happy that you met your relatives in Israel …I have the other destiny-I have lost everyone and now I’m alone. But I’m not becoming despondent and take hold of myself and am happy for the experiences of others. All that you’ve seen [in Israel] I can only see in my dreams. It is gladness, happiness and excessively triumphant for own people. I’m looking at your photos [from Israel] and I’m glad for you, there is so much happiness shining on your faces. Such things happen not very often and you remember them for all your life.
I want to congratulate you on the New Year-it’s an international holiday. I wish you health, happiness and prosperity. I’m feeling not bad. I was ill a little. Now we have winter, snow and frosts. It’s a very beautiful season. But I’m not going anywhere; only sometimes I go outside to take some fresh air.
Sorry for such handwriting, I have a week eyes.
I’m kissing all of you.
With sincerely respect,
Roza Moiseevna