Greetings my dear friends!
I received your letter and while I was opening the envelope, my hands shook with emotion. I know that you have many good deeds that you are doing, that with your generous soul you give help to many people in need.
May God assist you in the outstanding work you are doing for people’s well being. Thank you for the gelt.
My operation went well. Now I see people, their faces, which I couldn’t see before. The only bad thing is that I have just one eye (the one that was operated on), since the other is covered with glaucoma, and cannot be corrected by an operation.
It was very difficult with the money, I borrowed $250, I didn’t have enough money, because the operation was expensive plus it being in Minsk it came to $700. I thank my good friend, who loaned me the money. But now I don’t owe her, the loan is paid, thanks to our angel Luda [NB: Luda is a courier for The Survivor Mitzvah Project], who thanks to you gave me all the money I needed to repay the debt.
You are right, that Luda is a rare human being, her goodness-the influence of good deeds on human spiritual goodness. And all of this is thanks to your help.
I was in a terrible moral state, [At first] I could not bring myself to turn to Luda. For a long time I tormented myself: is it fitting to call her and ask for help? For many days I walked to the telephone, and then walked away, embarrassed. But time passed and finally I called her. She came and she inspired me, and figured things out by talking it over with you.
My thanks to you for saving me. Health and well being to you and your family for your good deeds. How beautiful you all are outwardly and even more, in your souls.
I now go outside but I don’t go far. I have poor orientation, my head spins and I am afraid to go far. Everything is deteriorating from age. At home I do everything myself, I clean, do the laundry, but I don’t go shopping. Thanks to my neighbor, someone comes and brings me the products and I pay them.
I greet you on the occasion of the past and approaching holidays. May the sun always brightly shine, blessing you for your good deeds.
I kiss you all, thanking God that there are such people as you on earth.
With greetings,
Roza Moiseevna
NOTE: The Survivor Mitzvah Project donated $300.00 for Roza’s eye surgery.