Greetings, my dear ones!
I received your letter and help (gelt). Words cannot express the delight that your words offer. All my life I have heard many kind words and wishes from friends and coworkers with whom I worked for 52 years at the same place. But that is in the past, work has ended, there is a pause and there were several friends who left, time flies and keeps moving.
Now, when I remain alone, your attention is the very best thing for me, like medicine. May God spare you from remaining alone!
And therefore, each of your words, each of your good wishes, warms my heart.
It isn’t necessary to write a lot, but with a single word the heart can express all that it feels and its good wishes to you, my friend.
On January 15th I observed my 84th birthday. It is not an age that joy and a future belong to!
It has been very hard to get through the severe winter, 30 to 32 degrees, frost this is unusual for our area. We have never had anything like this before.
Now the days are moving toward spring I will be able to go out in the street; there won’t be snow and ice. Things will be good for me in the spring.
Thank you for everything that you do, for the care and attention, may God watch over you for all your good deeds.
I kiss you all, relatives and dear ones.
Raya [Roza] Moiseevna