Hello my dear friend …
There are no words that can express my gratitude towards you for your attention and help. Only G-d can help you in what you are doing.
You asked me to write you about the war. It cannot be described in a letter. You need to write memoirs about it. I will tell you one thing-if I were in occupied land now I could not write you. All my relatives were killed in the Ghetto during the war: my mother, her sister, my grandmother, my brothers. So as you see, I have no relatives left, except my daughter and grandson. My father died in 1932 and my husband died in 1997.
I retired from my job at the age of 82, so I worked for 62 years. Everyone says that I look good for my age, that is because I was always working and seeing people.
I like to communicate with people, like to help them. Besides I love life and she loves me.
I take care about how I look; I dye my hair once in a while, and make a manicure. The only bad thing is that I have poor vision. One eye is covered with a cataract. That is why I am writing so badly.
That is all for now.
I wish you all the best, be healthy and work till you get old.
Roza Mosiseevna