Greetings, my darlings, my Zane, Noam, Chic, Beatrice, Sonya, Donna and all
the loved American friends!!!
Thank you so much that you do not forget me, and help me out even though the
times are hard for everybody. I am praying for the chance to see you again
here in the Ukraine, at my house. If I had the energy and possibility, I
would come to visit you, but alas, this is impossible. I often read and
reread your letters and I feel better, because you exist and I pray that you
are happy and healthy!
Dear Zane, you are writing that you would help me move closer to my daughter
Sveta and I am very grateful for your inestimable help.
But you have no idea how expensive it would be! It is not realistic! They
say apartments are cheaper in New York than in Kiev. I will already live out
my years here. Sveta comes as much as she can, brings food and medicine. She
is also retired but the pension is small and she is forced to work. She is a
teacher and she works with small children prepares them for school.
Soon here they will celebrate May 9th, the day of Victory over fascism. I
always cry and remember how they shot our entire family and burnt out our
house. I was so lucky that I left a day before the Germans came in a
freight-car to Siberia. My sister was killed by a bomb.
If I feel well, owing to your help, I will be able to hire a car and go to
the place where all the Jews who were shot are buried, and put some flowers there.
My heart aches at the memory of all the nightmares that we had to survive
and life is not good now either. Life has become extremely hard.
I apologize for the sad letter
You are the best thing in my life and I am so grateful to you for the
warmth, kidness and support you give me.
I love you all very much.
If possible, please send me some pictures of you I love to see your
beautiful face.
May G-d protect you!
Lots of kisses and please come and visit!
your Tsilya!