Good evening our dear ones, greetings!
We received your letter and are very grateful to you.
We are grieved that the war affected our family greatly. Also many relatives perished at Babi Yar and in the evacuation. I myself got through the war and was wounded twice and shell-shocked. But the most painful experience for me was Stalingrad. Ever since that time there remains in my body a memento of the war — a German bullet.
We are given joy from the pleasure you received from your trip to Israel. Having read your letter, we felt that we were together with you participating in your trip. To the depths of our soul, we are touched that you placed a prayer to God in our name in the Wailing Wall. My family and I are grateful to you from our entire soul. We are glad that with this letter we can express to you our thanks and wish you and your family good fortune and joy in life from your children.
Wishing you all the best, greetings from my wife and sons.
We kiss you,
The G. family.